January 2019 Software Update

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  • soniaukfr

    Received the update. WhatsApp issue I had is fixed. Nice to see December security patch!

  • jerome.balane

    Looking forward for the patch. Nice to know that someone already received the update.

    Thanks for all your effort, Team

  • mark.falsing

    Received the update!! Great job

  • mohamad_hafizi

    Thanks you for update . Still not received yet .
    Plss add gamestudio on global vers.

  • bomath


    I was a bit worried when I saw that it's a gradual update, with (very?) few people receiving it at first. But on my phone it just started the download... Checked less than an hour ago, no update; so (at least in my zone) the rollout just begun. 

    I'll test and post my first impressions after the update is completed. 

  • rizer.f

    thanks for the update, looking forward to the updgraded gaming experince

  • jerome.balane

    Hi Black Shark Team,

    Still having the same issue when i'm playing Player Unknown's Battleground Mobile.

    Game graphics set to HDR and Frame Rate set to Ultra.

    These settings are working smoothly on the last stable update.

    Need your assistance team.

  • cappuccin0

    Where is my updating?)

  • Ottopfeiffer2

    Received yesterday, download took ages, installing time too. But finally it s running now.

  • jerome.balane

    Hi Team,

    Please watch the video that I have uploaded in youtube.


  • jpswer

    Got the update and there's definitely an improvement in performance I can feel. I'll definitely test some more. Not using Ultra graphics though so I'll see what happens!

  • davidcendan

    Thank you BlackShark Team, Glad to see Bugs fixed, now touch customize our ROM as the Chinese ROM. Now, there is a bug in notifications, investigate it "ambient screen". But thank you very much for this update, I still expect new improvements. ❤ ️ 💚

  • davidcendan

    For something we are beta testers, take out updates every little, you have to test how the device works by customizing the ROM. Let's go! You can do it!

  • azimofchaos

    Good job black shark team

  • bajan2111

    where is my update?

  • babyshark2050

    Yay! Received the update. Looks smooth. Will let you guys know for any bugs.

    Great work!! Cheers! \m/ o/

  • tommy89bonto

    im form indonesia , i havent got any update yet , im using global rom by the way ( currently still G66X1811240OS00MPX )

  • Alain_fr

    OTA received ;)

  • rpires

    Got the OTA update and the improvements are noticeable! Thanks!!!

  • aceyasbeck

    Still no update here...

  • davidcendan

    @BlackSharkTeam When can we have control over the color of the logo led? And no less important, when the customization of the ROM? Thanks.

  • black5hark

    After updating pubg is all good! Now please add screen recorder with internal sound recording and it will be perfect!

  • tommy89bonto

    im form indonesia , i havent got any update yet , im using global rom by the way ( currently still G66X1811240OS00MPX )

  • CarlosMARubio

    En España llegó y resolvió todos los problemas.

  • davidcendan

    CarlosMARubio no todos, la pantalla ambiente de notificaciones sigue sin funcionar

  • CarlosMARubio

    Pues a mí me funciona bien la pantalla ambiente, cuando me llegan WhatsApp se activa normal

  • davidcendan

    Pues hay más gente que también le da fallo🤦🏽‍♂️

  • tuotkk

    Hi, Black shark team. U've forgotten about wechat. WhatsApp and wechat is the main communication apps we use it Msia..

  • Darkhalf

    Hi Black Shark team. received beta update yesterday. Now Alarm works. Still no notification from games and games start lagging :(

  • obakesan

    Yay, finally got this update in the UK a few days ago, took a while, but finally here! ;) good stuff

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