What is the warranty policy for the Black Shark devices?




  • abdullah

    I have black shark when I use it it's become too hotter and it's battery get too quickly low what's the problem is this ? Daily there is problem with me

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  • beerker

    I am not comfortable with a dealer in Thailand.
    MAC Modern Distribution.
    I want to claim Black Shark 2 swollen battery causes the display to bend.(Warranty 1 year)
    Use under 9 month.
    MAC Modern Distribution. They told me that
    Black Shark Company does not guarantee hardware in all cases.
    Could you please answer my question.

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  • duncanraskin

    Don't buy black shark! they are a bunch of cheapskates! my phone litteraly fell apart after barely a year! I took good care of it kept it in the case they gave with it. and my screen just came lose and now they are hiding behind their policy's while it's they who send me this faulty device! I'm sueing them and I advice everyone with a shitty phone from them to do the same. they don't care about their customers once they got your money!

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  • redlagazon_08

    I tottaly agree. I feel like I was scam. my Black shark 2 pro wasn't even a year and it's already not working!, it's too difficult to find a place where they can repair it.

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