How do I submit a return / refund request?




  • Gary Pinkney

    The email address doesnt work it says invalid. I want to return my faulty product. Notifications do not come through and there is no support

  • obakesan

    Hi, there is a typo for the email address on this page. It should be in case anyone is looking for it. please update.

  • adam_ding18

    they told me to submit a refund quest in My orders-page, but I dont find any button there for refund.

  • obakesan

    @adam_ding18 I found it bit tricky but try this. Login to the website, you should see a shark icon menu top right hand corner. Click that and select my orders. This should list your orders, click detail for the order you want to return etc. You should see the items in your order. Next to the item should be a wrench icon on the right side of the price. Click this and it will open a screen where you request refund repair etc. Fill out the reason etc and submit. Hope that helps.

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