Device cannot power on




  • slygongas

    hey man, thanks for your help.

    i bought it directly on the website so no provider...


    sent a couple more emails today, let's see how it goes..

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  • WG_Qwerty

    Hi evereyone!

    Before 2 months, today my device have the same throuble.
    In my opinion, the device is good, and the experience is fine acording who one wants from this movile, but, with this problems, my last opinion is better search for another option.

    Don't waste your money and time in this device, because the hardware is so bad in my opinion, and the final experience is frustrating with this insidences :/

    Good luck to everyone!

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  • kairychrist

    Same problem using black shark 2 pro playing call of duty mobile after the match end game suddenly freeze and after a minute it completely shutdown cant power on cant charge. Tried hard reset etc. Didn't work. Just rest my phone in an hour then charge it even there's no charging display after an hour check it push power on once and suddenly charging display appears. Wait for it to fully charge rest for an hour and open it and like magic it's working again. Hope this helps.

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  • icecreamberry

    Just happened today, it's a waste of money tho but it's already 2 years having this phone, no update, no official services, no information, no kernel source code
    Phone's dead after freezing and can't turn on, still try to charge it up and checking back later, it was the second time restarting and just dead suddenly

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