Touchscreen Not Working




  • Karolvs

    I've got scrolling delays and fps drops randomly, any fix for it?

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  • SilverTown

    I have a very anoying problem with the touch screen. Sometimes it just not working. Nothing from the above is present. It seems that I have touched where I want (the signal appears on the screen that I've selected a location) but it doesn't really select it, I have to press again. Say I want to do a spell in a moba game, it seems I've pressed it but it doesn't go on cooldown. It's serious, what is it???

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  • Hazel1

    My problem about this phone is that, the screen reacts slowly, which in other term means a type of delay which I've experienced on this phone. The type of delay I have is the swiping delay which I tried countless solutions, but still no working solution. This is infact a problematic issue that I've encountered. Is there any fix to this?

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